Hints & Troubleshooting


Always think about realistic solutions. What would be a good idea to do in a given situation? (You don’t need any specific knowledge in physics to play this game.)

Ask questions

Try to talk to everyone and exhaust all conversation topics. You can get stuck if you miss a clue.

Look around

Move the cursor to find hotspots where action icons appear: magnifier, hand, gear, speech bubble, compass, etc. (In EASY mode you may use the HELP function to find hotspots quickly).

Zoom and read

Enlarge objects and make documents readable with a right click on their thumbnail in the inventory. Watch out for further possible actions in close-ups. Documents may have multiple pages!

Combine objects
You can use the objects at the right spot or sometimes combine them in the inventory. Drag the object to see if its icon changes over a certain spot (popup gear) or on another object. You cannot use the object while it is transparent.

Make notes on paper and work systematically
You may find it useful to make notes, just like a real researcher or an investigator. This is especially advisable on day 4 when the investigation runs on multiple lines. Everything connects with everything. Proceed systematically!

Use subtitles
It may be helpful to set subtitles on (under OPTIONS) to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Watch out for sound signals
Certain puzzles give audio feedback, therefore it is advisable to use speakers or a headset. However, you can always solve the puzzles without relying on your hearing.

Make manual saves too
The game is saved automatically when you exit and your last position will be loaded if you click CONTINUE. However, you also have the option to save the game manually. This may be useful if you want to return to an earlier part of the game or try an alternate route.  Also, this may prevent the loss of your work if a technical error occurs for any reason.

Wide monitors: how to change display settings if screen is distorted?
The game is optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio. If your display/monitor has a different native setting (especially ultrawide monitors), you may change this on the computer:
Make sure the game does not run. Right-click anywhere on Desktop and select graphics properties (usually specific to the card manufacturer, e.g. NVIDIA, Intel, ATA, etc.) Under scaling, select “maintain aspect ratio” or “center desktop”, whichever provides the better result for you. 
If no graphics setting is available, you can change the screen resolution. Choose a value that provides the proper aspect ratio (best with 1280x720, but for larger monitors 1360x768, 1600x900 or 1920x1080 should work too.)


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