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Frequent questions and answers:

I’m unable to exit from a close-up

If the close-up is in a window, click the X in the top right corner of the window (it works even if not visible clearly), or right-click anywhere. In certain close-ups there is no X but a down arrow at the bottom. Puzzles have their own set of icons, including one for leaving the puzzle without solving it.

The phone stays on the screen and covers a large part of it
The phone usually remains open on the screen after use, except after calls, when it closes automatically. To close it manually click the black Exit button.

Nobody talks to me, I’m unable to proceed.
Most probably something is missing. Some hints:
- Look around everywhere (use the HELP icon in EASY mode);
- In close-ups, there might be further options (zoom in, turn over or use an object);
- Make sure to check all pages (or the reverse side) of documents;
- Check the map: there may be new locations you have not visited yet;
- Follow the hints/suggestions you have been given. There are cases when you have to do certain things before a character talks to you. Check the previous dialogs in the Notebook if you are not sure!
- Think of an object you have seen before… Maybe you can pick it up now.
- Look at the objects in the inventory (right click to enlarge them); try to combine them;
- Use the phone (right-click in the inventory) to make a call or use an app;

I don’t find a conversation in the Notebook.
Go to the appropriate day and scroll down if necessary.

I don’t find in the Notebook what Jonathan said.
Narrations are not logged in the Notebook. However, you may find certain important parts recorded.

The slots for manual saves are full.
You can overwrite earlier saves. If you want to keep them for future use, you should make a backup copy on your hard drive. This is the location of the current game saves:  %appdata%\Private Moon Studios\Miazma\save

Can I read the text of the final scenes?
Yes. When the game ends a final screen appears where you can open the Notebook or even reload a save.

If you are stuck in the game:
Check the walkthrough!

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