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Science behind the game


The story of Miazma is set in 2007, but Jonathan Hunt’s investigation reaches back to the past with an exciting combination of fictitious and realistic elements. All the characters playing in the present are fictitious, while most of the historic personalities are real, including István Hatvani, professor of the Reformed College of Debrecen in the 18th century, or Sándor Szalay, the founding director of Atomki. Also real is the meteorite of Kaba (shown in the game) that fell on earth in 1857, but the mysterious “devil’s stone” is fictitious.


Private Moon Studios worked on Miazma in close cooperation with the scientists of Atomki and largely relied on their input in creating many of the puzzles.  Some of these are quite remarkable because, below the puzzle surface, they introduce scientific problems such as radioactive dating, element and thin layer analysis, sound frequency calculation, wave lengths measurement, plasmas, nuclear imaging, and even the milestone Szalay-Csikai neutrino experiment in 1956. In addition, a series of escape-the-room puzzles invite the player to put the basic laws of physics into practice.



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