Setting options

VOLUME: Adjust music, voice and ambient sound (atmospheric sound) volume.  Note: there is no direct sound feedback in Options; check the result by returning to the game.

EASY MODE: In Easy Mode the in-game HELP and puzzle SKIP functions become available. You can switch Easy Mode on/off any time.

TUTORIAL: An optional tutorial mode guides you through the controls during the first scenes.

SUBTITLES: Switch it on to display English subtitles.

FULL SCREEN:You may switch between full-screen and window mode while playing. The game is optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio.

NOTE: When played in full screen on a different monitor, some distortions may occur. To avoid this, you may want to play in window (fullscreen off) or change the aspect ratio/resolution of your display (see under Hints / Troubleshooting)

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