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The previous episode: Yoomurjak’s Ring


The story begins when Jonathan Hunt, a journalist from New York, arrives in the city of Eger in Hungary for a break. He has local ancestry and speaks the language, but this is not the only motive for his visit. In the heritage of his great-grandfather, the globetrotter professor Samuel Hunt (known from the Agon series), he found two letters dated back in 1898. The letters were from a somewhat lunatic Hungarian scientist about a time machine he claimed to be working on.  The references point to Eger, and Jonathan wants to find out what happened to the man and his preposterous invention.


In Eger, he comes across an old gentleman who is researching his own ancestry. They realize there are common elements in their stories and decide to join their forces in the research. However, the old man has a fixation that his grandfather disappeared in the past while messing with the same time machine in the same scientist’s laboratory.  But before he could share more details, the old man suddenly dies. In his very last message he entrusts all his clues to Jonathan, urging him to solve the mystery. Although the journalist thinks the time-travel story absurd, he sets out to fulfill the old man’s last wish.  But soon he realizes that someone is desperately trying to stop him…


With Yoomurjak’s Ring released in 2006, the character of American investigative journalist  Jonathan Hunt was born. Its subsequent English subtitled version made the title an international classic in 2009. Jonathan Hunt has been protagonist of a number of adventures since then, including three novels and half a dozen reality games, revealing secrets of history.


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