PUZZLE: Graphalizer

  • This very challenging, yet optional puzzle is also a memory game. What makes it difficult is that you may have to rotate the pieces, but once placed on the board, they are not movable any more. Pieces come up randomly, so every new try will be different.
  • Grab an element (“sample”) from the top left window;  drag it onto the board only if you can identify its correct place and position, OR
  • Drag it to the rotation field to turn it (left-right) or flip it (horizontally or vertically) using the green arrows.
  • Hint:  make screenshots or drawings in case you have to restart.
  • Solving the puzzle is optional, but you have to recognize what is on the picture. This information will be needed later. (You will not get a specific feedback that you are done, but Jonathan refuses to solve the puzzle again).


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