The Atomki labs

  • You play as Jonathan Hunt. Talk to everyone and explore the labs.
  • The scientists tell you about their labs and about their personal interests. These will be important later.
  • Make sure to check all the objects at each location and in the inventory. Observe the objects carefully and watch out for further actions in some close-ups! Check if you can talk about the object.
  • Open and read documents (right-click in the Inventory); there may be something on the next page or on the back of the paper.
  • When you finished with the labs, the director, Mr. Lehoczky wants to meet you. He gives you a name and address. Make sure to read it in the Inventory (right-click)!
  • Hint for movement: there is a shortcut from the director’s corridor to the navigation map (bottom right). Using the stairs will take you to the courtyard.












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