The riddle of the six locks

  • During the night the director’s office (once belonged to professor Szalay) was broken into. There is a secret safe behind the crashed wall, but the burglar couldn’t open it. Dust covers everything, except for a rectangular area on the safe... It has six numeric locks, and in front of it is a small chest divided into six compartments. All full of trinkets.  (The compartments are named here for the purpose of this walkthrough):
















Useful tips for the lock puzzles:

  • Six locks on the safe – and six sections in the chest. This is a set of six separate puzzles, each renders a 3-digit numeric code to open one of the locks.
  • The chest is a time capsule which only gives you clues. By solving a puzzle you gain information to be used in the right way, at the right place.
  • The puzzles are non-linear; you can start and proceed in any order.
  • It is advisable to proceed systematically, otherwise you may end up with too many items to manage. The best way is to tackle one compartment at a time. However, once picked up, the items are identified in the inventory with the section number.
  • Take notes on paper (certainly, Jonathan would do the same).
  • The way of communication becomes a bit different. You can always show an object or talk to people. Don’t forget to check if the character has something more to tell you!
  • It is useful to remember the research field of the labs and the personal interest of the scientists.
  • After entering a code in one of the locks, press the knob. If the code is correct a cut-scene will start. If nothing happens, the solution is incorrect.
  • When all the codes have been successfully entered and the knobs pressed, Jonathan will acknowledge this. The safe can be opened now with the handle on the right.



  • The safe will not open if you have missed to press the knobs (and cut-scenes were not played). But you can press them any time, even at the end.
  • You can enter the codes in any order (in any of the locks).
  • Don’t skip the scenes here, you might miss crucial information!


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