The secret heritage of Professor Hatvani

  • Follow the traces to the lady called Mrs. Piroska Pálffy in the museum of the Reformed College.
  • Look around in the rooms and notice a special meteorite on display.
  • Piroska tells you that Balázs was interested in Professor Hatvani’s mineralogy works and he read an original letter from the professor.
  • She will show you the letter. While she fetches it, visit Mr. Vonyec at the address given by Lehoczky. SPOILER



  • You find Mr. Vonyec in trouble. Aranka, a lady from next door is trying to help him. She will ask you to find a few things in the room. You also have to switch on the old man’s phone.  If the PIN is entered correctly, the phone will switch on. If incorrect, the phone goes back into the Inventory and Aranka asks for it again.
  • Return to the Museum and read Hatvani’s letter carefully because you cannot keep it. The letter mentions a meteorite he had bought in Utrecht. He left it with his former schoolmate who had been pastor at the „small church”. This meteorite must be valuable as some people were trying hard to steal it from him.
  • Who was the pastor mentioned in the letter? You have to identify a clergyman who was schoolmate of Hatvani in the 18th century. Ask the College Archives about schoolmates and enquire in the small church.






  • But there is more: the pastor tells you about Hatvani’s burial.
  • Anyone in the College may know something about the tomb of Hatvani, although the cemetery was demolished long ago.
  • The archivist tells you that the meteorite was eventually handed over to a Mihály Elekes-Tót, former professor of the College.



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